Bomberg BOLT-68 AUTOMATIC BS45APBA.045-5.3 Replica Watch

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Bomberg BOLT-68 AUTOMATIC BS45APBA.045-5.3 Replica Watch

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Bomberg Bolt-68

The Swiss company bomberg skull produces bright and unusual watches. I am very happy to talk about these people and make them more enjoyable. The main feature of the brand is the transformation of the watch, which is converted from a wrist to a pocket or even a desktop in a movement. Let other manufacturers have similar solutions in the arsenal, only Bomberg offers such a rich design and color. Everyone here will find a model to taste.

In our evaluation today - all three models of the BOLT-68 series are equipped with a bayonet fastening system that simplifies the conversion process. One turn - the watch is removed from the base, the second - the watch is attached to the cradle and the chain is attached to the base. The reliability of the system was developed by the company's engineers and tested by many users who have purchased watches. The quality of the materials and the accuracy of the accessories guarantee years of efficiency and are actually a simple mechanism. Yes: the clock won't fall out of the nest.

Day of death
The death day of the American indigenous people is a special holiday. According to the beliefs of the Maya and Aztec Indians, the souls of the ancestors can visit their relatives or friends. With all the mysticism, the holidays are not sad at all - instead, people are happy with the possible meeting, decorating the grave with flowers and fruits, bringing candy, food and drinks. One of the most important symbols of the "Day of the Dead" is the skull, which is made as a souvenir, made of marzipan and sugar, applied to clothes and houses, and applied to the face. Before the skull swiss replica watches review was colonized, relatives were left in the house as relics, and for the Indians, it was a symbol of death and resurrection.

Blue skull
Watch bangbury bolts 68 BS45CHPBA.051.3 - Quartz timing in a limited edition. If you are interested, you should hurry.

The dial has a multi-level design and the 3D effect is one of the brand chips. The center occupies an orange-blue style image of the skull. Colourful tones - an indispensable feature of this holiday - scattered on the surface. A bright orange hue can be observed on the hand, the minute mark and the ornate pattern along the perimeter. For the Arabic numerals above the head, the inscriptions familiar to the Western and Western eras were used. An interesting combination of religious symbols and fonts, similar to the fonts printed for rewarding criminal advertisements.

The chronograph works with a central seconds hand, a nine o'clock rotating dial and a small hand under the skull. The "three hours" small indicator measures the number of seconds in the current time.

The chronograph is placed in the head housing - the chronograph button is located on the top, similar to the bull's head. High quality steel is painted black by PVD - wear resistant coating for wear resistance. The traditional 100m waterproof protection is supported by a screw-in spring crown. The corrugated side is very relevant to this model - easy to use and an integral part of the watch's cruel structure.fake watches for sale
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